The Perfect Pairing !!

Wine River Cruises  …  Oh my, what a treat this is!

You can learn, experience, taste and have the opportunity to bring home or send home unique and amazing wines from Europe.

“A unique epicurean dimension to a variety of itineraries at no additional cost”


There are many Wine Cruises with many of the River Cruise Lines.

Most of the itineraries will have a special wine host and you will 
be treated to a menu of exclusive wine and culinary experiences 
designed to delve deeper into the wonderful flavors and tastes of Europe.
You will learn, taste, experience and have the option to 
try many different types of wines.
So, come on and see Europe and Wines 
through your eyes on a River Cruise!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy this short video.
(Caution …this will make you want to book your river cruise today!!)

This is on my bucket list!!

How about you??




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