Our Approach

Do you long to experience more in your travels than just sitting on the beach and swimming with the dolphins?  Real Meaningful Travels is here to change that.  We will help you find or create the travel that will expand your mind and swell your heart and immerse your soul.

Our Story

I am Wendy Scott, the Co-Founder of Real Meaningful Travels.  My passion is to create or showcase travel experiences that are more immersive and bring more meaning to you.

My other Co-Founder is Kristie DeWaele. We work in the same office and share our businesses together.  Not only is she my business partner is my daughter!  She shares the same passion for travel and specializes in families and Disney.  You can find additional information at Real Family Travels.

We are not just your ordinary travel agents!

Meet the Team

Kristie DeWaele

Co-Founder of Real Meaningful Travels and

Real Family Travels


April Glithero

Owner of Dancing Dreams!

Specializing in Family Travel and Expert in

Disney Destinations!


Joseph Carubba

Owner of ALUXE Travel!

Specializing in LGBTQ2 and Luxury Travel!


Apply HERE if you would like to join our team!

Specializing in Cruises, All Inclusives or Unique Destinations!