Imagine New Adventures and Happiness!

Imagine New Adventures and Happiness!
It is the last few days of 2018 and as I get closer to 2019….
I have been thinking about:
what is important in life?
what I want from life?
what is truly going to make me happy?
what I need to do to make a difference?
what is my purpose?
I have to to tell you, at moments I would get more confused and
over whelmed as I thought and ponder about these questions. I had a difficult time trying to figure it out.
But, I had this huge desire to be more in tune and more everything during 2019.

So I started with reviewing my 2018 year!
I just started writing and scribbling down everything that I loved and hated about the year. I wrote down what made me happy and what threw me off in life. I wrote without thinking about what is acceptable and what isn’t. I wrote with no interruption. I had no-one judging my writing. I had no-one putting in opinions on what my happiness was. I wrote down my angers and sadness. I wrote down my embarrassments and stupid moments. I had no right or wrong thoughts. I wrote down what made me jump out of bed for everyday. I wrote down what made me cranky and want to stay in bed.
Just my thoughts jotted down on a couple pieces of paper!
(for my eyes only)
I thought this was going to be a hard thing to do. But, to my surprise it was really easy and I had a couple of pages of stuff. So I took these pages and I took it one step further and wrote my gratitude for each and everyone one of the events in my life. As I wrote out my gratitude I ended up turning my challenges and the bad stuff into good and lessons.
It made me feel good about my year and I was very proud of myself!
But, now what do I do to enhance my happiness and and fill my life with purpose?
I reviewed the list a few times and it ended up helping me figure out what I was looking for to be happy and content in this world. I was able to see a theme happening with all my notes. It has helped me find my happiness & purpose! I was able to see a clearer picture of what makes me truly happy and what I was wanting to jump out of bed for everyday.

I can give you an example:
MY NOTES – Wasted time after hurting my thumb and hand at work. Lost income from this injury. Mad at my employer and WSIB. Not treated with respect at my full time job. Wasted time at Doctors and Physio Therapy. No one cared about me. It consumed my energy for 9 months. There were several more angry notes jotted down around this….
I was able to visit my Mom more often. I was able to to teach other agents about planning group cruises and the travel business in general. I was able to go on a Learning Trip to Jamaica. I was able to to go to the Orphanage in Dominican Republic and give to them. I was able to Give back to an Orphanage in Cozumel. I traveled to the Caribbean with Sarah Smith and her fans. That was a lot of fun and laughter!

THINGS REALLY HAPPENED FOR A REASON – I found out I didn’t need that income to survive, the full time job took away valuable time from my travel business. I was not valued at the full time job, and it did NOT make me happy. I have more flexible time to do the things that make me happy and smile. I see my family more now. I am in charge of my happiness. I have more available time for travel. I love to Give back and I now have more time for giving back. Gave me the time to focused on our Caring and Giving Cruise and the The Sail the Seas with Sarah Smith Cruise.
I jumped out of bed for all these reasons!

This is just a snippet of the list of notes, feelings and gratitude that I wrote down. But all them circled around a a few themes.
Travel – Boosting Others – Family Time – Charities – Giving Back – Learning – Teaching – Wine

I am taking these themes now and I have started my quest for more fulfillment for 2019.
* I am working on more cruise groups that have a giving back element.
Charity / Fundraiser Cruises
* I am signing up for travel that will enhance other lives.
Sarah Smith Fan Appreciation Beach Party
* Family Christmas Cruise.
Caribbean Cruising
* My team in President Club.
Teaching and supporting their dreams
* I will be doing more joint venture with local businesses and travel the world with them.
Wine river Cruise

So there you go, this is the start of MY LIFE AND HAPPINESS for 2019! I am focused and I will make changes as necessary. I truly believe my review and my gratitude list has given me the vision for what is important to ensure I am happy and content in life! If you are struggling with what you are looking for … maybe give this a try. Maybe it will help sort through YOUR life’s happiness and purpose.

Travel Is Big and Important in My Life

May all your travels expand your mind, swell your heart and nourish your soul!

Find yourself ! Lot of Love !

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