We are Proud...

We have been blessed to be a part of many travel experiences that have made a difference in our clients hearts,  minds and souls!  Here are a few of those stories!

Martina's Home - Dominican Republic

We were fortunate enough to escort a small group to Martina's Home in Dominican Republic.  Home to 23 girls, Martina's Home offers a safe refuge for these little girls to grow into amazing women!  We brought in school supplies, toys, games, and cash to support this heartwarming home.  

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Travel Agents Care

After the devastating hurricanes that demolished the Caribbean and South Florida in the fall of 2017, a lovely bunch of travel agents got together to form a team called Travel Agents Care.  Read more about how we are helping the islands in the Caribbean recover from these storms!

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WRCC - Holiday Hamper Program

Our charity efforts are not all off in far distant lands.  Local programs need our help too, and we are always happy to lend a hand or donate!  Christmas of 2017 we adopted a family of 7 to support through the holidays! 

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