Travel Agents Care – Making a difference together!

After the hurricanes devastated in the Caribbean in the fall of 2017, we were called to help bring back these beautiful islands and nations back to their gorgeous selves!  Two very special agents (and friends) Karen Gill and Marie Odorizzi spearheaded a new initiative called Travel Agents Care.

Travel Agents Care is an organization that has already helped in the ways of supply donations, cash donations and so much more!  The amount of donations the agents collected and packaged into personal care packs was overwhelming.  The final destination:  Puerto Rico!

Mackenzie and Aubrey spent their weekend packaging up supply packs for ladies of Puerto Rico!

Next up was the TravelOnly Awards Gala.  “The evening saw a bumper $36,050 raised for Travel Agents Care, fittingly described by Elliott as “a small but mighty group.” Prior to the ceremony, the organization’s efforts for the island of Dominica had already provided 1,171 people with water, with physical donations, including toothpaste and diapers, impacting 195 families. Its previous campaign raised over $9,700 for communities in countries affected by the Caribbean hurricanes.

Heralding the success of the Travel Agents Care initiative was Rahul Singh, director of Global Medic, whose keynote speech also paid tribute to the contribution of the travel community as a whole in raising aid and awareness following the hurricanes that pummelled the Caribbean – including the role of Canadian airlines in evacuation efforts.”

Besides actually traveling to these islands as a tourist (your tourism dollars is what keeps their economy / and recovery efforts alive) there is much you can do to help!

The bottom line is that the entire region is dependent on tourism. So if your favourite destination isn’t ready to welcome you just yet, choose another island, because the Caribbean needs you now, more than ever. #CaribbeanStrong

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