Nourish your soul…

There are many options available to anyone looking to take some time off, but sometimes a “vacation” doesn’t give you the “juice” that you are looking for. Sight-seeing with the family is fine, but at a certain point in our lives we are looking for a deeper experience, something that offers us a spiritual perspective or direction in our lives. There are many options available for those seeking something “more”. Here are just a few to consider:

Yoga / Health retreats:

Sometimes we have to be far from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress.  Once your mind is clear, you will learn new skills and deepen your understandings

Spiritual retreats:

Sometimes you have to step outside of your life see things as they really are. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when we are caught up in the day-to-day details of our, lives and business.

Heritage journeys:

Increasingly, folks are also traveling to visit family who are no longer around, in the form of genealogy travel (also known as “ancestry travel” or “family tree travel”). Genealogy travel involves making a trip to the land of your ancestors to research your family history. The Internet has made it easier than ever to find your family tree, but when the digital trail runs its course, many inquisitive travelers head to the towns, churches, streets and even houses of their forebears to learn more.

Learning journeys:

At Perillo Learning Journeys we believe in a new kind of vacation. Our unique journeys help you explore and develop your skills and interest, travel the world, give back to the community and ultimately re-connect with yourself.

The destinations are chosen specifically to make practicing that skill more accessible, and more fun.  Typical skills offered are health and wellness, cooking, photography, art, birding and wildlife, language study, architecture, music, dance and more.  Programs range from beginner to professional certification. You will even have the opportunity to attend off the beaten path festivals in your specific area of interest which will take your learning immersion to new heights!

Community service and sustainability is at the core of the Learning Journeys mission. In addition to hands-on interactive classes, we work in the local communities, helping to  improve lives and our planet.  Destinations are chosen for their exceptional beauty, abundant wildlife, accessibility to expert practitioners , and generally fun places to visit! The destinations are near and far-North America, Latin and South America, Europe, India, Asia, Australia and more.

Finally, just as you remember specific meals from a trip taken many years ago, your ability to recall information is enhanced when combined with a unique setting.  Joining people with the same, or more advanced skill levels, encourages you to reach ever-higher levels of accomplishment.   We offer both private journeys as well as scheduled departure dates, where guests know they’ll be traveling with others of the same interest.